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Melissa Anderson   HR Project Manager – Talent Development and Engagement, The Warehouse

“When we embarked on the journey to find a new provider for our Engagement survey, we looked at 5 or 6 options and researched them fully. JRA was the clear winner taking into consideration a range of criteria including cost, online capability flexibility, Engagement survey offering and functionality, provision of NZ benchmarking data and being based in NZ, not to mention the fact they were a down to earth team who we knew immediately we could work with. Two years into the working relationship and I can’t fault JRA on any level; they have been exceptional and have exceeded all our expectations. And our managers really value the online access to results, functionality of the reporting and the speed at which the results are delivered.”

Richard Tremain  Manager OD/Leadership, Group HR, New Zealand Post Group

“Thanks to your project team for their efforts over the last few months to get our survey up and running, and successfully deployed. It’s been a pleasure working with JRA, and I’ve found the JRA team to be both responsive and very competent in helping us work through the myriad of issues associated with our large and complex survey.”


David Beech Jones   General Manager – People, GHD

“GHD initially worked with JRA when our New Zealand business participated in the Best Places to Work Survey in 2006. This was a very successful experience and we have since engaged JRA as our global partner for staff surveys.

This has involved the JRA survey-online.com tool for our global People Survey in 2007 and 2008 and a Leadership Capabilities Survey in 2008. Our global surveys have had high response rates across our 6,000 people in 15 countries. The online survey has received great feedback for its ease to complete and administer globally. JRA’s easy-to-interpret on-line reports and cross tab functionality allows our business units to cut and compare the data in many valuable ways.

JRA’s annual People Survey and our commitment to GHD being ‘a great place to work’ have now become the foundation of our firm’s approach to people.

Our business unit People Managers and our corporate team are very impressed with JRA, their highly professional, friendly and responsive people and value for money services. I am very happy to recommend JRA as they build their business in Australia and globally.”

Carol O’Brien   Human Resources Manager, Sanitarium Health Food Company

“The instant, online delivery of our survey reports from JRA has been fantastic, particularly the ability to drill down into our various departments and view and compare their results. Our key driver report gave us a better understanding of what drives the engagement levels of our people, and gave our post-survey initiatives better focus. Thanks to the JRA team for their support!”

Barbara Gladding    Engagement Analysis Project Manager, NZ Transport Agency

“JRA provided independent and professional support to measure engagement levels before, during and after a merger, starting in October 2007. Initial results from both legacy organisations became engagement baselines. The JRA team continued to provide support from that point, and on through the merger process. The result was a regular and objective ‘pulse’ of a random selection of staff. Once the merger had taken place, using a modified approach, we were able to give staff their own ‘voice’, again through a random and regular check on engagement levels. It gave us an idea of how things were going for staff. It was a tool which has helped to inform decision making, and has been very useful in tracking the engagement trends.”

Tina Paterson  HR Manager, WHK Sherwin Chan & Walshe

“When looking for a 360 degree feedback tool for our management team, I came across JRA’s 360 reflect product. We wanted to assess our managers against a range of core competencies and found that the standard version covered all of our own competencies and more. The online survey was easy to complete and provided comprehensive and easy to follow reporting. It was also extremely cost effective. We were so impressed by the product, and by JRA’s service, that we recommended JRA to WHK Corporate. Our Corporate office wanted to assess the Chief Executives of our 22 member firms against our own WHK-defined core leadership competencies. WHK worked closely with JRA to develop a customised 360 degree survey. Again, it was well-managed and easy to use.”

Michele Stonehouse   General Manager, Overland Footwear

“I have to say, the value that the JRA’s 360 Reflect tool has delivered for Overland has been exceptional! Not only has it provided our team with a transparent and easy to use process which encouraged honest and relevant feedback, they also found it easy to use and access. Best of all, the built-in reporting tools available to us upon completion have been amazing and comprehensive! The time and resource it has saved us has been significant, and the reporting our participants received has delivered great benefit and an incredible level of detail. All of this with great service levels from the dedicated JRA team! I would not hesitate to utilise this tool in future and to recommend it to others who are looking for an accurate and easy to use system with which to facilitate any internal surveys.

Jeanette Nowell  Human Resources Advisor, Vero Insurance New Zealand

“JRA provide the most relevant employee engagement survey, giving both comparative data and also reliable insights into areas to celebrate and areas to focus our people improvement projects. The service JRA provide us is supportive, with a good balance of professionalism and personal touch. They are always happy to help and there is no question too small.”

Chris Parker   Human Resources Specialist, Obex Medical


“Having just completed the delivery of all the 360 Reports and finalised action plans with our team, I wanted to say thank you very much for the professional service JRA provided in assisting us with this process. The reports that we received contain invaluable information that all participants have welcomed and taken on board. I consistently found all members of the team to be helpful if I had any queries and always completed tasks and got back to me when they said they would. As with all my previous experiences I have found JRA a pleasure to deal with. Keep up the good work.”

Richard Fitzgerald   Manager Human Resources, Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority

“The Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority has been participating in the JRA New Zealand Workplace Survey for a number of years and together with the 360 degree appraisal tool we have found these to be effective resources in assisting with a range of organisational development initiatives. These resources have been progressively improved and the benchmarking data provides an effective framework for communicating comparative data to staff and identifying development initiatives for the organisation. At a management level we have found the JRA resources beneficial in developing an improved understanding of the impact of leadership behaviours on organisational culture and performance.

Tim Kendall    Organisational Development Team Leader, Te Puni Kokiri

“Te Puni Kokiri chose JRA when we wanted to survey our staff, because of their competitive price, excellent on-line “live” reporting and because JRA were the only potential supplier that offered their survey in Te Reo Maori (the Maori language). The service we have received from JRA has been excellent. It is easier to do business with a New Zealand company that has an understanding of the local work environment, a comprehensive database of survey results that makes benchmarking meaningful and an appreciation of the importance of the Maori language to this organisation.”

Greg Liddington  Human Resources Director, Smith&Smith

“Our search for a new engagement and climate survey was critical for us getting real traction in our plans to become an Employer of Choice. For our business, JRA was a clear leader in every respect. Pivotal to our decision was that it’s NZ based and benchmarked against NZ businesses. The fully optioned New Zealand Workplace Survey gave our managers relevant data to build their individual action plans. The speed and convenience of completing the survey online almost doubled our participation rate and the flexibility of real time; online reporting is an added bonus. From our first contact with JRA to the Directors’ Key Driver presentation, the team at JRA has been fantastic – available, knowledgeable, practical, patient, and friendly. Real people.”

Barbara Faulkner   Executive Officer Human Resources, Western Bay of Plenty District Council

“The Local Government Workplace Survey suited our organisation well, as we could start with JRA’s generic questionnaire and then add our own customised questions. Using JRA’s generic questionnaire meant that we could benchmark our results against other local government organisations, which helped put our results into perspective. We have found working with the JRA team fantastic, and highly recommend them.

Mark Synnott  Managing Director, Colliers International NZ Limited

“Colliers International NZ Limited has entered the unlimited/JRA Best Places to Work survey since 2005 as part of our drive to become a property employer of choice. We have found the survey a very useful tool in identifying areas in which the company can improve our staff motivation. Direct results of the survey have been the implementation of team charters within a number of the teams, formation of a “Best Places to Work” action group and improved staff engagement. We would recommend the JRA survey to any workplace that wants to get serious about improving recruitment and retention.

Jerry Wrenn   Manager Human Resources, Porirua City Council

“The quality design of JRA’s survey delivers excellent benchmarking opportunities with not only other organisations, but also within the local government sector. The ease with which staff are able to complete the survey is a definite benefit for us, and the support mechanisms offered following the release of the findings are professionally delivered. Focusing on our ‘key drivers of employee engagement’ has also resulted in positive change within Council.”

Melanie Kayes   Senior HR Advisor, Northpower

“We have completed the unlimited/JRA Best Places to Work survey three times, and each time we have been impressed with the ease of survey completion and tools available for analysing results. We find the JRA team helpful and easy to deal with.”

Wayne Norrie   Director & “Chief Enthusiasm Officer,” Revera

“We found the unlimited/JRA Best Places to Work Survey both exciting and informative. The real gem was in the feedback, and what we learned about ourselves. This was brilliant and a wonderful opportunity to identify our strong points, and items to work on.

The process was very simple, with excellent outputs that were both very detailed and timely. I thoroughly recommend this to any company, as you will learn a tremendous amount, with little effort, whilst it is all done in a very professional manner. What have you got to lose?

Anna Archer   Learning & Development Co-ordinator, Sovereign

“Sovereign have worked with JRA since 2003. JRA’s Internal Service Surveys provide us with all the information we need to gauge service within Sovereign and any changes we require are always considered and implemented where they can be. Overall, service provided by JRA is second to none. The team are efficient, friendly and approachable and we can rely on them to provide the best possible service in every dealing we have with them.

Craig Morrison   Chief Executive Officer, Southern Cross Travel Insurance

“JRA’s 360-degree feedback programme revolutionised our annual performance review process. First of all, the internet-based survey was simple and quick to use – no paper needed. Second, the content of our annual performance reviews (i.e. the one-on-one session) was greatly improved. By having colleagues, subordinates, and reporting senior all complete the survey, the review is now far more than “this is what I think about you.” The survey clearly shows patterns of behaviour seen by many, and these patterns then form the basis for very real, in depth discussion and debate.

“As a CEO, it was great to give my managers the chance to anonymously comment on my behaviour – I learned way more than I expected. The tool should be a mandatory component of any team’s toolbox if that team is truly dedicated to moving from merely good to great.

Robert Bryce   Co-ordinator of Organisational Development, Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd

“We have used the JRA 360 product for over ten years as a development tool for our leaders. The ability for us to tailor the assessment to our specific needs is a major advantage, and this has led to excellent results. The report and planning guide make processing the feedback easy for individuals, and confidentiality is always guaranteed. When people commit to an action plan as a result of the feedback, significant change is possible.”

Sue Matson   Area Leader – Peopleworks, Flight Centre (NZ)

“We have participated in (and been a category winner of!) the unlimited/JRA Best Places to Work survey since 2002. We have always been impressed with the service, professionalism and attention from JRA staff, and the ease with which we can run the survey across our 150+ locations and still get a response rate of over 70%. The survey supports our commitment to receive and act on staff feedback, and we look forward to a continued successful relationship with JRA.”

Miles McConway  Group Manager HR & Corporate Services, Environment BOP

“We have participated in the survey since 2002. It has become our major climate survey tool and has assisted us each year in identifying the areas needed to work on to maintain and enhance the health and well-being of the organisation. The ability to benchmark our results against similar organisations has been beneficial and reassuring. Being online has made it easy for our organisation to participate and has resulted in high response rates, ensuring our data is statistically valid and a true reflection of our organisation and the people in it.”