Consulting Partners

Consider a consulting partner arrangement with JRA – an arrangement that offers benefits to both parties, and your clients.

‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ has never been truer! Strategic alliances, joint ventures, partnerships, call them what you like. Today professionals, consulting and service organisations are increasingly teaming up with ‘like minded organisations’ to offer their clients a more complete range of services. This combination of ‘niche’ capabilities has proved compelling to clients and prospects looking for assessment and performance improvement solutions.

JRA offers a high-level diagnostic capability to complement partners’ ‘value-added’ consulting capability. You manage the client interface, establish the scope of the project, manage the survey implementation process, present survey findings, develop communication strategies, and then work with the client to implement the performance improvement changes necessary. We provide the survey design, implementation and administration support required as well as higher level statistical analysis and report/presentation preparation as required. It can be a winning combination!

JRA brings to the partnership:

  • Experience/reputation – we have more than 12 years experience designing & implementing a variety of different workplace surveys. We have established a reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading providers of workplace survey and analysis services
  • A world-class online survey tool – developed by us, makes surveying quick and easy to do, offers powerful online reporting in real-time, and cost-effectiveness
  • New Zealand’s largest database of employee attitude & opinion – your clients will love the external benchmarking capability this offers
  • High-level statistical analysis of client data – analysis that provides real insight into they key drivers of performance improvement
  • Referrals – workplace surveys such as the JRA Workplaces Survey, the Local Government Workplace Survey, the New Zealand Workplace Survey and others mean we are able to provide a referral service to client requiring assistance with their performance development strategies.

The Consulting Partner brings to the partnership:

  • An established relationship with the client
  • An ability to provide end-to-end assistance for the client throughout the survey process
  • The consulting capabilities necessary to convert ‘insight into action’ – to take the output of the survey and translate this into specific performance improvement strategies and actions
  • The ability to provide this support to other JRA referrals

Consulting Partners will benefit from the partnership in the following ways:

  • Offer your existing clients a broader range of services
  • New business opportunities for existing clients and prospects
  • Access to referrals generated by JRA via its various workplace surveys
  • Access to world-class survey technology and diagnostic techniques
  • Powerful external/sector benchmarking for your clients via access to New Zealand’s largest database of employee attitude and opinion
  • Access to JRA resources/networks
  • Increased revenue via a commission on work generated via the partnership

Who can benefit?

  • Consulting organisations offering human resource management, organisation development, performance improvement, change management, training and development, coaching, or related services to clients
  • Sole practitioners offering the same
  • Institutions looking to offer an extended ranges of value-added services to their members

If you would like to discuss the concept in more detail, please contact the coordinator direct on +64 9 378 2003, use our contact form, or email