New Zealand Workplace Survey

It is now well established that organisations viewed as a ‘great place to work’ by both existing and prospective staff will achieve higher levels of performance and profitability as a result of:

  • Their ability to attract a higher calibre of mission-critical talent in larger numbers, reducing recruitment costs
  • Their ability also to retain that talent, reducing costs associated with labour turnover and retraining
  • Huge productivity gains via a more highly motivated, committed, experienced and capable workforce
  • Significantly higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty via those same highly motivated, committed, capable employees
  • The favourable image this reputation creates in the eyes of all stakeholders, and the public at large


  • The New Zealand Workplace Survey is a comprehensive, well designed and cost-effective employee survey, that can be conducted anytime, and as often as you like
  • Brand the survey with your own logo, survey name and customised introduction if you wish
  • Instant access to powerful online reports from the moment the first respondent submits their response
  • The option to benchmark your results against New Zealand’s largest database of employee attitude and opinion at the click of a button
  • The option to benchmark your results against a customised benchmark group comprising organisations of your choice
  • View trend data over time
  • Customise the survey questionnaire further if you wish to include organisation demographics (enabling drill-down by department, position, tenure, age, gender etc) or by adding organisation-specific questions
  • Survey can be completed by staff via the internet or using hardcopy questionnaires
  • Technology friendly – no purchase, installation, maintenance, or updating of survey software or statistical packages. All you need is a PC with a browser and an internet connection.