focust Customer Feedback Survey

“The JRA solution scored top-marks on all counts. Because the service is web-based, our results were available instantly and were very easy to analyse … strongly recommended!
Matthew Foster   GM, Fonterra Customer Service Centre

Are your customers happy?

Often an organisation’s perceptions of their customers’ experiences are inaccurate or incomplete. We think we know what our customers are thinking but in reality, we may be a long way off! Satisfied customers are vital to increasing the profitability of your organisation as they will be more likely to:

  • Repeat their business with your organisation
  • Increase their business with you
  • Recommend your organisation to others.

And the good news is you don’t need to pay top dollar to find out. Use the focust Customer Feedback Survey to help you find out what your customers are thinking.


  • Use our generic customer feedback questionnaire, and add your own questions if you wish
  • Powerful online reporting available instantly – there is no waiting for your results AND you don’t need to download your data into any other software packages
  • Brand the survey with your own logo and introduction
  • Trend your results over time
  • Add demographics to enable you to drill down by customer, product, location, account manager…whatever groupings you choose
  • Have us analyse your data to derive the key drivers of customer satisfaction

focust not only provides you with a great software tool to conduct your survey and analyse your results, but the team at JRA will provide you with support through each step of the process:

Survey Design

Whilst our generic customer feedback questionnaire may fit your needs perfectly, we can help you customise this should your specific needs require it.

Survey Administration

There are a number of options available that can influence ease of access, confidentiality and so on – we will guide you through this to ensure the correct choices are made.

Post Survey Reporting

This is our point of difference. The online reporting is immensely powerful and yet so simple to use. We will ensure you are totally familiar with your reports and how to make the most of them.

If you would like to go beyond basic customer satisfaction ratings to identify the items that will actually predict those ratings, we can assist. And for the really curious, we can even model the linkages between leadership behaviour, employee attitude and customer satisfaction!