JRA Best Work Places Survey

JRA Best Workplaces Survey

The JRA Best Workplaces Survey is run in association with The New Zealand Herald and is New Zealand’s largest annual workplace climate-employee engagement survey, and the successor to the popular ‘unlimited/JRA Best Places to Work in New Zealand’ survey. Organisations displaying ‘JRA Best Workplaces – Finalist’ or ‘Winner’ logos have been rated amongst New Zealand’s Best Workplaces – by their employees.

For organisations wanting to participate, the JRA Best Workplaces Survey will next be available from June to August 2010.

What is the JRA Best Workplaces Survey all about?

  • Participating organisations ask their employees to complete a confidential survey about their workplace, and in return receive valuable feedback through online reports to identify both the positive aspects of your workplace, and those that need work
  • The organisations that achieve the best survey results are celebrated as the “Best Workplaces” in New Zealand – as judged by their own employees.
  • Your survey results will be completely confidential and secure
  • New Zealand’s most definitive measure of ’employer of choice’ and ‘best employer’ claims
  • Your organisation can participate any time from June-August 2010. Just pick a time that suits you.

Why should you run the survey in your organisation?

To put it simply, it gives you the information you need to improve the performance of your people and your organisation.

Employee benefits

  • Job satisfaction
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved internal (between-department) service
  • More likely to stay with your organisation and want to contribute

Customer benefits

  • Improved customer service from motivated, valued staff

Organisation benefits – bottom-line impact

  • Reduced labour turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Satisfied customers spend more, are more likely to recommend your organisation to others
  • Improved market perceptions of your organisation

There are 5 key objectives for the survey. They are:

  1. To provide organisations with information that will assist them to build great workplaces and enhance their customer service delivery
  2. To identify key drivers that impact on employee engagement
  3. To provide benchmarks of workplace climate and employee engagement in New Zealand
  4. To identify characteristics that differentiate “Best Workplaces ” employers from the rest
  5. To determine current levels of workplace climate and employee engagement within a variety of organisations and provide base information in order to select the winners of the JRA Best Workplaces Awards