Our Company

JRA (formerly John Robertson & Associates) was established in 1993, and is New Zealand’s leading provider of employee climate/culture and related surveys.

Our Mission, quite simply, is:

“Building Great Workplaces”

and the means to this end, the essence of what we do, is:

“Workplace survey and analysis”

Organisations are attracted to JRA by a value proposition that is compelling:

“Efficiency, High-quality, Low cost”

We deliver this value-proposition via:

  • Our world-class survey technology – www.survey-online.com (SOL) – fully owned, developed and supported by JRA. This web-based survey application has been used worldwide and is robust, flexible, and offers an extremely powerful suite of online reports. Whether the need is for a climate survey, 360-degree feedback, exit interview, communication audit, or internal/external service surveys, our technology advantage enables us to deliver ‘more for less’ – a compelling combination of high quality at a very competitive price.
  • A powerful benchmarking capability. JRA can offer clients access to New Zealand’s most comprehensive database of employee attitude and opinion. This substantial database is a results of our highly successful stable of ‘workplace surveys’, including the JRA Best Workplaces Survey, the New Zealand Workplace Survey, and the Local Government Workplace Survey. These generic workplace surveys have attracted hundreds of organisations and hundreds of thousands of respondents since their introduction in 2000.
  • Our team of highly qualified analysts who convert information into insight. Our diagnosis goes beyond simply ‘what’ people think to examine ‘why’ people think the way they do. Powerful ‘key driver’ and ANOVA analyses provide the basis for our ‘Performance/Importance Matrix’ presentation – an approach that highlights for our clients those aspects of their organisation offering greatest leverage to overall performance improvement. In a practical sense, this higher-level analysis enables clients to focus their efforts and limited resources on the relatively small number of factors that make the biggest difference to overall employee satisfaction.

JRA works with clients directly, as well as indirectly via our network of Consulting Partners. This approach enables clients to have the best of all worlds – access to JRA’s world-class diagnostic capability, combined with specialist consulting support to convert survey insight into positive actions for change.