360 Reflect

Unlike conventional performance appraisal where the individual receives feedback from a single person – typically “the boss” or team leader – a 360-degree feedback programme allows the participant to receive full-circle feedback – from managers, reporting staff, colleagues/peers, and others both internal and external to the organisation. This feedback can increase the individual’s awareness of how their performance is viewed by others, and how it compares to their own view of their performance. Typically feedback is given against a set of competencies and associated behaviours linked to superior performance of the job, and reflecting the organisation’s vision and values translated into day-to-day behaviours. The result provides a more complete, more realistic view of performance, reflecting the perceptions of people with whom the participant must form positive working relationships in order to perform their job effectively.

JRA’s proprietary product, 360 Reflect, is a secure, web-based 360-degree feedback tool that can be fully customised, is quick and easy to do, and provides a powerful suite of insightful reports. This information can be integrated into your existing performance appraisal or personal development programmes, used as an aid for talent identification, or as a highly effective means of measuring the effectiveness of specific personal development programmes. It is also very cost effective.

Why the growing interest?

  • 360-degree feedback provides a more realistic, balanced picture of qualitative performance (the “how”), effectively complementing the traditional quantitative measures of performance (the “what)
  • It is a powerful catalyst for change and an excellent personal development tool – the process encourages individual ownership, increases self-awareness, and presents the need for change (where it exists) in a compelling and irresistible way
  • It achieves an alignment of behaviours with the organisation’s values and preferred leadership style
  • It can be used at all organisation levels, from staff to Board level
  • It can be the catalyst for improved teamwork

JRA can provide either a generic 360-degree feedback instrument, or work with you to develop a fully customised one. We can also help you through critical process issues. 360-degree feedback is a very powerful, yet sensitive process. More than with any other form of survey, successful implementation of a 360-degree feedback programme requires that the process be managed professionally. Who should be involved? How many respondents? Who gets to see the reports? How should coaching be conducted? JRA can help you work through these issues.

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O would some power the giftie gie us
To see ourselves as others see us!
It would from many a blunder free us,
And foolish notion

Robbie Burns